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US Fast Payday Loans Auditors will audit your loan for predatory lending violations, which when combined with legal action may be your best option to save your home.

It's never too late: If making your mortgage payments on time or in full is becoming difficult, you should know there are options available to you.  You don’t have to just sit back and watch your home go into foreclosure.  Our loan auditors can help you and your attorney determine if your foreclosure is the inevitable result of a predatory loan.
There are specific laws and guidelines that must be followed when a lender underwrites and funds a mortgage.  If your lender failed to stay within those guidelines set by federal and state lawmakers, we can provide you and your attorney with assistance.  Our loan auditors will perform a forensic audit during which we review all of your loan or insurance documents to help determine whether you have fallen victim to predatory lending.
Allow us the opportunity to investigate your circumstances by requesting a loan audit today.

Stop, avoid or delay forclosure! Dont let your home be a trap, fight back with a loan audit!
Behind on payments? So is most of the US!

If you are behind on your payments or facing foreclosure, you are not alone. Close to 3% of American homeowners (about 1.4 million) are currently facing foreclosure  One in ten homeowners are behind on their monthly payments, but Pheloans always can help.  Predatory lending is largely responsible for this grim reality.  If you have been a victim of predatory lending, let us help you to fight foreclosure today.

Payment going up? US loan auditors will give you loan relief!
Loan Relief

Trillions of dollars in adjustable rate mortgages will reset in the next two years.  Don’t let your adjustable rate mortgage make you a foreclosure statistic!  Our research indicates that over 90% of adjustable rate mortgages have violations that occurred in the loan documentation or during the loan origination process.  Don’t get stuck in your adjustable rate mortgage!  Contact us today to do a forensic loan audit.

A Loan Audit will provide the basis for possible loan relief and foreclosure avoidance.
A Loan Audit will provide the basis for possible loan relief and foreclosure avoidance.
The relentless downward slide in the real estate market has left nearly 1 in 6 homeowners upside down on their mortgages here:  This means that they owe more to their lenders than their homes are worth, which raises the likelihood of foreclosures or defaults. Many homeowners feel trapped, because their largest investment is “underwater”.  You don’t have to feel trapped any longer.  Let us perform a loan audit to see if you have grounds to renegotiate the principal on your mortgage.